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 House Concert Demo


Truckin' Is My Pride

Randall's solo version of Dreamin', Reachin', and Knowin'

from his Pieces Of The Whole CD

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At a time in life when many are winding down their careers and retiring, Randall has finally gotten busy on what he wants to do when he's...a...well, grown up! (Yes, it takes some a little longer.) The time has arrived to capitalize on what Randall does best: Broad Scatter Creativity! A real term? Well, no not likely, at least not before you read it here for the first time! Ta da! (It's been Googled to be sure.) However, it does describe Randall's broad creative focus. It works great for him but has always been confusing to others. So just what is Broad Scatter Creativity? It is the result of Randall's unwillingness to be constrained to just one genre, especially since he has been influenced by so many different types of music throughout his life. Those who have only been exposed to his creative works in one genre have often experienced surprise or frustration when discovering he's creative in other genres other than what they're comfortable with or like. Hence the need for different artist names, since artists tend to get pigeonholed into one genre by their fans. That's just an unnatural state of being for Randall. He gets bored far too easily for that!


Randall's overarching goal is to write, record, and publish in multiple genres, utilizing different artist names under the umbrella of Glady Me Creativity, LLC. Randall Mauger, and Randy Mauger, are just the beginning. Each new artist will appear on before being fully launched. Just check in to check it out! 


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