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About "Us"

At the risk of sounding like the description of a person with multiple personality disorder, it should be stated here and now that “Us” actually refers to multiple entities, or versions, of just one person's creative leanings and public personas. The concept is to use multiple artist names, one for each specific genre of creativity, to create, publish, record, and perform in disparate genres. The very specific goal is to create very clear-cut and understandable marketing strategies for each artist that do not overlap and cause confusion in the public's perception of each artist relative to his/their name and specific genre of music.


For instance, it is important that children's music not be confused with solo fingerstyle guitar music in marketing the two very different genres. While neither type of music is improper or offensive to the ears of children or adults and may be enjoyed by both, it's easy to comprehend that children's music is usually marketed to children in a different fashion than solo fingerstyle guitar music would be marketed to adults.


In this clear juxtaposed example, the artist Randy Mauger (the name for a children's music artist) is not likely to be confused with the name of Randall Charles (the artist name of a creator and purveyor of solo fingerstyle guitar pieces in audio and print formats, as well as live performances, targeted toward adults and, more specifically, to other guitarists).


Randall Mauger is the creative force behind Glady Me Creativity, LLC and the creator of each artist and his/their creative catalogues to offer to the public. Each artist and his/their specific creative genre identification will be brought online gradually over the next two to three years. As each new artist appears, his/their arrival will be announced here at and each will have his/their own section on the site. The name “Glady Me” is based on the name Gladys (Randall's mother's name) and “Me”, himself. It is a “tip of the hat” in thanks for her personal support of his creative endeavors.


Good things can come in multiples. Imagine that!

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