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young Randy with guitarGlady Me's creative history is that of its creator, Randy Mauger, as many people know him. Many others know him as Randall Mauger in a different context. Which version of his name, or multiple new versions that would eventually be used, never crossed his mind when he was first “wowed” by music as a child. From the 4th grade on, when Randy began to play the alto sax, it was assumed by all (including Randy) that he would go on to become a professional musician, even though he was never prodigy material. Not even close. It was just what he seemed to do best at the time.

Everything from then until now can be accurately described as “The Formative Years”. The recipe of main ingredients to “bake” the endeavor of Glady Me Creativity are: crucial family support, including that of in-laws; forty-one and a half years of truck driving; three years of auto mechanics; over thirty-five years of professional music performance; tendonitis and other medical setbacks; immersion into digital music software; a sometimes way too healthy sense of curiosity; a love of people; and a precious birth gift of creativity. (Some might say the creativity component is actually an over-developed imagination!) It is the richness of work experience within multiple, seemingly unrelated, job opportunities and the diverse demographic relationships within each of these layers of experiential growth that have made Glady Me Creativity possible. (Yes, if you have done the math, the years of experience add up to substantially more than Randy's present age of 65. That natural curiosity of his has kept him a bit busy!)


Just within the music layer of experience, Randy Mauger has performed for ages pre-K through senior citizens. He's performed commonly popular music and a large catalogue of completely original compositions, ranging from children's music to adult contemporary to solo fingerstyle guitar. He's been a teaching artist and a guitar teacher, and he's about to publish two guitar books. Recently, “Randall Mauger” has begun to develop his skills in the world of voice-overs.


The thought of sticking to a simple one category of creative endeavor is just creative anathema to Randy. It'd be like an ice cream “brain freeze”. “Variety is the spice of life!” is no idle saying to him. It is a catalyst for multifaceted creativity. Keeping life interesting by following his innate sense of curiosity is a must!

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