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Anything to do with Randall (Randy) Mauger and music or voice overs, (voice acting), will now be found here at

At a time in life when many are winding down their careers and retiring, Randy has finally gotten busy on what he wants to do when he', grown up! (Yes, it takes some a little longer.) The time has arrived to capitalize on what Randy does best: Broad Scatter Creativity! A real term? Well, no not likely, at least not before you read it here, newly coined, for the first time! Ta da! (It's been Googled to be sure.) However, it does describe Randy's broad creative focus. It works great for him but has always been confusing to others. Those who have only been exposed to his creative works in one genre have often experienced surprise or frustration when discovering he's creative in other genres other than what they're comfortable with or like.

Randy's overarching goal is to write, record, and publish in multiple genres under different artist names under the umbrella of Glady Me Creativity, LLC. Randy MaugerRandall CharlesThe AllRand BandSynthly Divine, and Randall Mauger are all part of “our” initial coming attractions line-up. There are others planned too, but why spoil all of the surprises now? Each new artist will appear on before being fully launched. Just check in to check it out! 



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