Glady Me Creativity, LLC

Randall Mauger

Adult Contemporary Music / Folk, Folk Rock, Country, Rock, Jazz, Blues.

Performing live in multiple music formats since the age of fourteen Randall Mauger, also commonly known as Randy Mauger, has performed for virtually all ages for decades. Initially, and for many years, the music he performed was largely cover songs written by others and carefully targeted for specific demographics. For the past two decades the focus from performing cover songs changed to performing all original music, created primarily by Randall alone, but in some cases, also collaboratively. Writing in multiple genres, besides innate creativity, his main tools of choice for creating songs and arrangements are still guitar and harmonica, though computer software, and to a smaller extent the piano, have become critically important tools for writing and recording sometimes expansive arrangements.

Randall's latest recording is called Pieces Of The Whole.