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Pieces Of The Whole
- Six-song EP CD

Six original songs, written, arranged, and performed by Randall Mauger. Under the umbrella of Adult Contemporary Music, the music ranges in genre flavor from Country to Rock and Pop. All tracks feature a four, or more, piece band sound with vocal harmonies. Four of the five also feature Randall's popular harmonica playing. The first two cuts feature the tasty acoustic solo and acoustic slide guitar playing of well known Saratoga Springs area musician, performer, and song writer Rick Bolton.

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About The Songs

A whole lot of living went into the songs on Pieces Of The Whole.

Dreamin', Reachin', and Knowin' dates back to my early 20's at a time when I heavily debated whether or not I should make a go at music for a living. While I'd been performing since grade school, my technical training was limited up until that time. The enormity of the endeavor was quite intimidating. But, like I'd learned early in life, focusing steadily on my dreams, through hard work, learning, and doing tend to lead to what I really want and care about the most. The song is about making one's way in music, but it could just as easily be applied to any occupation.

Dejavu, How Do You Do? started out simply with my fascination with the whole concept of dejavu, something I have experienced a great many times, at every age, especially while out performing music though. While in a performance environment, I've also been an avid observer, watching social interaction and relationships bud and flower or stutter and stop, right in front of me. In either case, stories of common human experience always make for great song writing material.

In The Wink Of An Eye is about a human experience likely most have, to one degree or another. Simply finding a path in life without being overwhelmed and giving up before even getting started. For most, temporary set backs are common. Sadly there are always some who choose not to participate. In either case, as it marches on, time seems to pass in the wink of an eye.

Pieces Of The Whole is really kind of a statement of fact, describing the connection of my persona to the songs I write. My songs are, in fact, pieces of the whole, like a journal. Song writing is at times very straight forward, one knowing ahead of time what the topic will be, but at other times it can be quite mysterious. On several occasions, I consciously knew that I was about to sit down and write, though not knowing what about. Since I usually write the music first, the suspense can be stretched out quite a bit longer. The reason being that, while focusing on creating a satisfying guitar arrangement and melody line, my mind will not usually offer much in the way of lyrics until I'm satisfied with the progress of the music. Once in a while, a couple of topic ideas might slip out before the music is finished. I've learned to recognize that as a sign that the music is almost finished. Once I'm sure it is finished, the lyrics begin to present themselves and I am sometimes surprised to find the topic of the song deals with something floating around in my subconscious that I wasn't even aware was on my mind. It's really magic when that happens!

Say What You Will is evidence of my natural optimism. Of course I can get very down, angry, or depressed, like every other person on the face of the earth, but I much prefer the natural state of optimism, perhaps because it makes all things possible, perhaps because I'm a dreamer, or just perhaps, because I have had enough life experience to know for sure that it is the most productive state of mind to be in, for any endeavor!

Remember How To Play was actually written as part of the production for kindergarten graduation ceremonies and celebration. It was initially used with a group of other songs as a live sound track for a slide show of the experiences the students had throughout the school year. I got the idea from watching the faces of parents attending the performances. From a parental perspective, I found myself hoping they were soaking in every minute and fully participating in their children's lives, as I'd had the opportunity to do with my kids. It wasn't until after the song was written and performed often that I realized, from the reactions of many teachers, that the song was for adults too. Something kids do better than any adult is play. They do so with near complete abandon. Too often, we adults forget how to play as we get swallowed up in the seriousness of life's realities. When we can take the time to play, it is a healthy respite from the world's problems, allowing a chance to re-energize ourselves. I guess that's why I worked as a teaching artist for seventeen years after becoming a parental volunteer when my kids started school!

I hope you enjoy my experiences as much as I have!



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