Glady Me Creativity, LLC


“Fantastic! I can't say enough! A definite do not miss!” - Programming Magazine

“Exceptional person and performer” - University of Maine / Farmington, ME

 “...Randy takes the time to gather information and ask insightful questions. He involves both students and staff in the planning process. His level of involvement goes above and beyond the expected and is reflected in the richness and quality of his work.” - Cheryl Urban-Wessinger / Speech/Language Therapist, St. Catherine's R. & E. May School / Albany, NY

“Mr. Mauger has a wonderful way with young people. He immediately caught their interest.” - 5th grade teachers, Oaklyn Public School / Oaklyn, NJ

“Amusing, touching material....A talented and versatile performer.” - Music Machine Magazine

“A true professional and accomplished musician....Probably one of the most cooperative performers.” - West Point Military Academy

“I was amazed at the job you did getting your point across to the students....Your ability to establish a rapport with the children was obvious after a few moments. Once you began playing the students' eyes lit up in awe.” - Joseph Sambuco / Principal, William P. Tatem School / Collingswood, NJ

“...Warm, Intense...” - Eighth Step Coffee House / Albany, NY

“Outstanding cooperation and attitude, excellent show, pleasant to work with.” - Worcester State College / Worcester, MA

“The entire day was both entertaining and educational for all of us....Either you have it or you don't. Randy does. He obviously has much to give and loves giving it.” - Jack Jeckot / Choral Music Teacher, T.E. Harrington Middle School / Mt. Laurel, NJ

“One of the most respected single acts...his rapport with the audience is excellent.” - Metroland Magazine