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July 2018

Working earnestly on a new album release, scheduled for September 2nd, called Bare Bones. Stay tuned...(something I tell myself every time I step on stage with a guitar)!

House Concerts anyone? Contact me on this site, on Facebook, or at 518-366-8903.

Discs are available at my gigs and at Downloads are available at CD Baby (, iTunes, Amazon and internationally!

(Click on the cdbaby button below to go to my new sales page to hear sample clips and purchase either the whole album or single track selections.)

The Randall Charles instrumental recording will be revisited as my hands continue to improve, which they steadily are doing quite nicely, thanks to my nylon string guitars!

Update: This recording anticipated in 2018

At the end of November 2015 I was invited to be Santa Claus in a video showcasing a fun new Christmas song called "Hey Santa", for which I also wrote a section of the arrangement. It was an extremely intense production schedule, but great fun and built a lot of new working relationships. Here's where you can watch the video:

Update: Yes, I know this is old news, but people still get a chuckle from watching this video, so I've left the link here.


The upcoming eBook Fret Finger Focus will be available
exclusively on the How 'Bout That! CD.

Fret Finger Focus cover

Update: For simplicity sake, this book may simply be made available as a PDF Download in 2018

Click to see full-page excerpts:
Note From The Author

Photo Page III
Photo Page IV
About Notation
Finger Exercises Phase I
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